Open positions:

Graduate Research Assistant Position:

A graduate research assistant position in biomedical engineering research (antiseptic and biocompatible surface/device prototype development) at the University of New Haven, Tagliatela College of Engineering's biomaterials and medical device innovation laboratory. Research experience in polymer surface modification, fouling studies, biocompatibility, blood coagulation, immunology, or animal model is desirable. Send your application, not limited to resume, to and

Undergraduate research assistant (volunteer positions):

Undergraduate students looking to gain research experience in biomedical engineering laboratory are strongly encouraged to apply. The biomaterials and medical device innovation lab focus on developing antiseptic surfaces and biocompatible materials for blood-contacting medical devices such as catheters, vascular patches, and artificial lungs, medical device prototyping, and biological testing of devices. Volunteer positions may become paid positions based on satisfactory research performance. Send your application (a resume and a personal statement of why you want to work in a biomedical engineering lab) to and

Inform us about your application here:

The biomaterials and medical device innovation lab applies knowlege of blood biomaterial interaction and the normal anti-clotting mechanisms of the endothelium to the creation of 1) anti-clotting artificial surfaces 2) anti-septic artificial surfaces, and 3) next generation "stealth" blood-contacting devices used to support and treat cardiac and pulmonary disease patients.





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